Professionals using the application

Professionals signed up in our system are able to use the application for subjecting patients to screening tests and viewing their results. They can also register people to participate in diagnostic assessments or therapy, offered within some of our projects.


A referee can be an academic researcher or health professional:

a medical doctor, psychologist, psychotherapist or counsellor, who runs his or her private practice, is employed at a university, or in a healthcare setting. In some projects, referees can also be academics in other fields, e.g., sociology, public health, etc.

Using our application requires signing a cooperation agreement.

The agreement outlines terms and conditions of use. Our application can aid Referees in providing professional services. Professionals can register people in research projects or diagnostic assessments, and subject them to a variety of tests. They must be aware of legal and ethical requirements, and responsibility to protect personal data which participants share with them via the application.

Professionals who wish to sign up are requested to fill in the registration form.

For registration purposes, you will be requested to fill in the registration form and provide proof of your credentials, e.g. professional license code, a copy of university diploma, certificate in psychotherapy or counselling. This information is necessary to verify your qualifications and prepare cooperation agreement. For more information contact: