Recruiting research participants

Our application aids the process of recruiting participants and conducting research projects. People who wish to enrol can register online and fill-in required forms and questionnaires. The research team can easily review scores and, if necessary, send their feedback and suggestions. 

The application helps investigators reach certain social groups and gather information from individuals, who would normally be difficult to contact directly. It enables conducting studies, e.g. epidemiological investigation, on a larger scale. People can take part in research projects anonymously, unless the procedure requires sharing personal data. This may be the case in studies involving a medical consultation or producing special reports for participants. In any case, all personal information is collected and stored in a secure way and in compliance with regulations about data privacy (see: Privacy policy).

Our projects are conducted by researchers from academic or clinical institutions, and have been approved by appropriated ethical boards. In most cases, the main administrator of data is the institution responsible for conducting a study. Detailed information about that can be found in Terms & Conditions published on the website dedicated to particular project.